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Los Angeles City alone is 469.1 square miles – that’s enough territory to give most people a big headache!

I’ve broke down Los Angeles County into 5 major regions to make it easier for you to understand. Read about each region by clicking on the links in the sidebars to the left.

You will learn about the communities in each region, their hospitals and price ranges for houses and condos/townhouses.

Beverly Hills – next to Malibu, one of the two most famous L.A. area cities. Although it is somewhat central in its location, Beverly Hills is not close to any freeways, so if your practice requires traveling, please take that into consideration. From an architectural standpoint, Beverly Hills has no continuity other than many of its homes are built on noticeably small lots considering how large the homes are. Stacked next to each other are Colonials, Contemporary, Spanish, Tudor and the increasingly present “McMansion”, usually a poor attempt to reproduce a Mediterranean-style design. Plastic surgeons are over-represented in Beverly Hills, more common than Starbucks. Home prices are very similar to Malibu – they can reach as high as $20 million. Such homes have anywhere from 8-12 bedrooms, are 20,000 sq. ft. and situated on lots of 1-2 acres. 
Hollywood Hills – home to many celebrities and well-to-do professionals. Easy access to both Downtown Los Angeles , Burbank-Glendale and the San Fernando Valley from the 101 freeway. Single family residences range from $600,000 – $1,600,000.
Los Feliz – a hilly community also home to many celebrities and well-to-do professionals. Los Feliz is known for its period, outstanding architecture of Spanish, Tudor and other custom-built homes built mostly in the 1940s.
Silverlake – mostly hilly area just north of Downtown Los Angeles with easy access to Los Angeles, Burbank-Glendale and the San Fernando Valley. Demographically it is a mix of poorer Latinos in the flats and hip professionals in the hills. In the past 20 years, Silverlake has drawn upper-income gay and lesbian home buyers who have renovated and restored homes in the hills and strengthened property values to the area.


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Physician Relocation Specialists – Los Angeles
Physician Relocation Services – Los Angeles

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