Luxury Home Websites Target Wealthy Foreign Buyers

Real estate has become more and more specialized in order to serve the needs of buyers.

For instance, physician relocation is my speciality: I’ve been helping doctors from all around the country and even outside the U.S. who are moving to Los Angeles with the purchase of their homes. Other real estate agents work with entertainment industry clients, etc.

The latest niche has evolved out of globalization and the emergence of wealthy foreign buyers. Some are moving to the United States, whereas others are purchasing investment properties in hot real estate markets.

Luxury Portfolio, of which my brokerage Pinnacle Estate Properties, Inc. is a member, recently blogged about its relationship with, the premier website for targeting Chinese buyers looking for real estate in our country. Luxury Portfolio noted that by having its listings cross-posted on a local Chinese website, its real estate affiliates will benefit from an increased presence among this affluent audience.

Luxury Villa

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