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Recruiting top physician talent is an imperative and very competitive; so is physician retention. The last thing you want to have happen is for your candidate physician to go elsewhere because you did not provide the local support services he or she needed, the services were unreliable or did not meet the expectations of your physician.

Here are 8 ways I help you in your recruiting efforts:

•        I accept a limited number of new clients to ensure providing them and
their families with attention and care. Quality trumps quantity.

•         If  you are located outside my area, I provide you with Realtors® I have personally interviewed to see if they would be a good fit to work with your new physician/staff member. Please see the Relocation link on this website.

•        I work closely with you and your team to address and maximize the benefits we are jointly providing to your physician. 

•        Universities and teaching institutions: don’t lose hiring that top
candidate to an institution in a region of the country with a lower cost-of-living index because you weren’t able to find or provide an appropriate home with a one- or two-year lease

•        Phone calls are answered immediately 95% of the time and phone
messages are returned within 30 minutes, also 95% of the time.

•        Late night and weekend calls also taken in consideration of the
physician’s schedule and the pressure on you to get that physician
on board.

•        Caravans to preferred neighborhoods in the vicinity where your
physician will be practicing.

•        Information about local schools, both public and private.

•        Local professional resources, including but not limited to banking, financial planners, estate planning attorneys and insurance specialists. I do not accept referral fees or any form of compensation for this service.


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