Robots as Physicians: Are You Ready for It? has just published what is nothing less than an explosive article, the title of which is “AI System Outperforms Docs,” AI being the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence.

The authors are a pair of young Indiana University computer scientists; Casey Bennett is a doctoral student, the other, Kyle Hauser, is an assistant professor at IU’s School of Informatics and Computing. The two developed algorithms and “outcome rating scores” to second-guess the decisions physicians made in 500 patient cases.

In the article, the title of which is ““Artificial Intelligence Framework for Simulating Clinical Decision-making: A Markov Decision Process Approach,” Bennett claims that “soaring healthcare costs will bankrupt the country” unless technology such as his is implemented, implying (to me) that escalating costs are primarily the result of physician fees.

I wonder if the two computer scientists have programmed any bedside manner into their algorithms.


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